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Adam Vawter

“I’ve been training with Al for almost three years. He’s been in my corner from the start of my fitness journey. Having Al’s constant voice of positivity and motivation was instrumental in my fitness success. He listens to your fitness goals and makes sure everything you’re doing in your workouts is focused on achieving that goal. I’m blessed to have spent many early mornings with Al, and I am proud to say that we’ve become good friends.“


Elias Mandilaras

“Getting to know Al has been an absolute pleasure. One of the things I learned a long time ago, was to surround myself with positive, passionate, and professional people. Al is the epitome of these three “Ps” (especially POSITIVE!). One of the things that sticks out with Al, is that he feeds off of others’ enthusiasm and energy. Any room lights up and has a stronger sense of life when Al is ‘in the building’.

As a coach Al finds a way to push and get the best out of his clients by really making them want it for themselves. Al has a way with people that you rarely see, and helps keep you motivated and focused on your goals. True motivation and nothing but positive, enthusiastic “can do“ attitude is what I’ve gotten from my experience with Al.“


Ed and Amy

“Al is someone who goes above and beyond. Always begins and ends his training sessions with a smile. His energy is infectious, and he makes it his mission to change any negative thoughts you ever had about yourself. Changing your attitude from “I can’t do this,” to “I will do this.“


Jessica Deloso DDS

“What can I say about Big Al? He is BIG in a lot of ways. Has a BIG heart. Has a BIG head of knowledge. And has a BIG smile always. Al is my trainer and with my health issues he has helped me through my aches and pains. He’s got me moving and feeling great again! Thanks Al. You are phenomenal!“


Tim Harman

“Even when you think you’re self-motivated, Al really helps you raise that game. I’ve been working with Al for some time now. He’s a fantastic trainer – technically strong, knows what he’s doing and has that knack of just giving you the one thing you need to focus on to improve at the right time. But where he’s really different is his relentless, positive, upbeat enthusiasm. I don’t think he lets himself have bad days, and that’s infectious, in the good way 🙂 when you’re with him.“


Cory Miyomoto

“I have been training with Al at StudioFlex since 2018. At first, I was looking for a personal trainer to help me get back on track and meet my fitness goals. What I found in Al is a person committed to helping me the best version of myself, and someone who challenges me to always give 110%. Al brings all of the energy, passion, and focus you could ever need to each and every training session. More often than not, he brings enough for both of you! Al’s enthusiasm and commitment to helping his clients succeed is just a part of what makes him a great coach and a great friend. Al will make you work your hardest, but you’ll appreciate him for it and love every minute of the blood, sweat, and tears.“



“Al is inspirational, kind, and motivational. He always thinks about others and teaches life lessons while having fun and helping us get stronger. – Logan

Al is a super energetic person who is fun to be around and is great at motivating me. – Grant

We are so happy that we met Coach Al last fall as a trainer for Pacific Rim volleyball. From the first day, we knew that he is a very special individual and it quickly became clear that he is passionate about everything he does while promoting integrity, hard work and goal setting. Grant and Logan looked forward to every practice largely because of their sessions with Al and when team training sessions ended, they asked if they could continue training with Al! Definitely a highlight of their day, they leave every workout sweaty and feeling great about what they are doing with big smiles on their faces which I attribute to Al’s positivity. I will never forget leaving the gym after Grant and Logan’s last session with Al before Christmas. Al said with his contagious smile, ‘remember boys, the best gifts come from giving.’ Al is not only a fantastic strength and quickness trainer, he is also an inspirational life coach and amazing human. He proved this once again during the recent shelter in place when he and his Conscious Action partner, Drew, led many followers in the Corona Challenge – Five weeks of YouTube workouts. When the shelter in place was extended, they continued for another 5 weeks. Simply inspiring! Working out with Al four times a week kept us all in shape and provided much needed structure and connection with someone outside of our family. Al is absolutely the kind of person that makes a significant mental and physical impact on the lives of all who are lucky enough to work with him. I am so grateful to have Al as a positive role model and influence in my boys’ lives at a very impressionable time! – Leigh Silva (mom of twin 14 year olds)“


Jillian D’Souza

“Al is more than just a trainer; he is a friend. It was important to me to find a trainer that listened and understood my limitations Al did just that. He brings positive, upbeat energy to all workouts. There is nothing better than dreading a workout and getting through it with a smile from Al’s jokes. Without his encouragement, energy, and support I wouldn’t be where I am today.“


Angela Patterson

“A huge hug for you Al! You are special to me and always will be. Thank you for all you’ve done. I am so blessed that Al Coleman is my personal trainer. He not only is very knowledgeable about muscle building, endurance training and overall fitness he is also emotionally invested in his clients. Al goes out of his way to assist you in living your dreams. When you win he wins.

He takes pride in the growth of his clients. A few years back I could only dream of hiking up mountains. I shared my dream with Al and he immediately started to encourage me. Our training sessions were geared to preparing me to live my dream. After a few months of working out at the club we ventured out and hiked my first mountain together. Without his encouragement and leadership my dreams would have never been actualized. I not only think of Al as my trainer he is a dear friend. #TeamWin“


Andrew Johnson- Employee – Head Performance Coach of CAET

“I have been employed with Conscious Action Elite Training for quite some time now. It has been the BEST company I have ever worked for! The owner Al Coleman is an absolute pleasure to work for. He has a way of being motivational and encouraging while letting you keep your own creative mind on how you want to do things. Al has made me feel like I am an integral part of the growth of the business and not just an employee. Al has an “open door” way of communication which allows you to voice any concerns, opinions or thoughts without fear. My experience overall has been AMAZING and I look forward to many more years with the company!“


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